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Welcome To Immanuel Assembly Of God

We’re a church that reflects and celebrates the diversity of the city in which we live 킨들 ebook 다운로드. Our church consists of families, singles, young, and old and spans the socio-economic spectrum. At Immanuel, people from various backgrounds genuinely desire authentic and enduring relationships with others and with God Unlimited music downloads. Together, we strive to become more and more like the church described in the Bible — vibrant and vital. Where everyone participates and feels their value, where broken lives are mended, where spiritual seekers are introduced to the God of the Bible, where followers of Christ grow in their devotion to the Savior, where spiritual and natural gifts are discovered and nurtured, where the Truth is boldly proclaimed in word and deed, where the love of Christ is demonstrated in all we do, where the Holy Spirit is clearly active, where the Glory and Presence of the Lord shines brightly for all the world to behold glove. So whether you’re just starting to ask questions about God, or you’re a committed Christ follower who wants to grow deeper in your faith, our doors and hearts are open to you

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