Be Steadfast and Immovable

Be Steadfast and Immovable

Major Points:


(1)  To be steadfast is a call to action and it is a goal we pursue together, beloved brethren, acting together in love to help one another webdriver. We need to stand against the storms of life, which is part of the Christian journey – (John 15:20, Acts 8:1) Let us picture stability, and our lives and hopes grounded in the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ erp.


(2) We have to draw closer together, stir up as a church of Jesus Christ, individuals as Christians, and to abound in the work of God always because we know that our labor in the Lord will not be in vain, not only confessing God but possessing Him 타이타닉 리코더 다운로드. We need to understand that we are here for a purpose, in your family, household, church, marriage, community, and work place. We are not here to do nothing Book cover design download.


(3) Are you fulfilling your purpose? At a place where you are comfortable and do not mind what you are doing and you know it is your sweet spot 코인라커 다운로드. Always just remember that, as a child of God, you are at war – with with the devil your chief enemy – (Eph. 6:11-12, war with the flesh – (Romans 7:21-25), war the world – (1 Peter 2:13-14), we need to be controlled by the Spirit of God – (Galatians 5:18-26)


(4) Our loving Father has promised to wipe away our tears, bring joy where there is confusion, make us as white as snow where there is sin. Right now there may be struggles at work, school, home, in interrelationships, health, finances, families, etc but He has said that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper……….Isaiah 54:17.

(5) Be steadfast and immovable is to hold on to your faith and do not quit pursuing the Lord, and do not quit working for Him and know that we are here for His glory (Col.3:23-24). To be steadfast means to be settled or seated or to be fixed so we are to be settled with God. Immovable means unshaken and know that God is your portion. Abound means excel – exceed your work and no one should beg you to do anything. labor means toil and work to the point of exhaustion and fatigue – work until you cannot work anymore and do not work for the Lord and expect earthly reward. (Hebrews 11:6)