Being Concerned for Others

Being Concerned for Others

Bible Text: Matthew 14:28-36 |

Major Points:


(1) No Christian can live successfully who does not constantly seek to share the love of the Lord, Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him, and no Christian will ever begin to do this until he or she feels a real concern, burden, and compassion for the salvation of the multitude of men and women who are lost (Luke 19:10), condemned already, (John 3:18), and are under the wrath of God (John 3:36 Download directshow.


(2) Do you feel any concern for the lost? Have you any passion for souls? Are you burdened as you think of your loved ones and friends and of the thousands of others who are not saved f.lux? How long do you have to be in your company or school before, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we tell them of our wonderful Savior? Or are we unconcerned Dual Monsters? Could those of our unconcerned loved ones and friends say – Psalm 142:4?


(3) What is the real need of the lost? and how does Matt,14:35-36 answer it power bi 다운로드? They were diseased (Verse 35). Many people today may be religious, respectable and living morally decent and upright lives, but every unsaved soul is infected by the disease of sin (Luke 5:12), and unless they are cured their prospect is indeed sad (Romans 6:23) Hunger Typeface. Many people live and die in a diseased condition without God and hope – Eph. 2:12

(4) They were at a distance (Verse 35) “the men of that place…..sent word to all the surrounding country…” which indicates distance Infomax. They were a distance from the Lord in a geographical sense, and what was true of them is true of us today in a spiritual sense. The young people of our day and generation are to very large extent growing up without any knowledge of the Lord and the grace of the gospel and there is an appalling ignorance of the Bible and of the true gospel Splunk download. (Matthew 9:36).

(5) They were disabled (Verse 35) they had to be brought into the presence of the Lord. It is true that every sinner is disabled by sin (Romans 5:6) but it is also true that beneath the outward coat of respectability many are disabled by the sins of falsehood, drink, lust, drugs, immorality, etc Download the dictionary. It is for these we need to feel and show a deep concern and compassion.


(6) In verse 35, when the men of that place recognized Him that they sent word to all the surrounding country – these men found the Lord for themselves, and they immediately became concerned that others might find Him too 윈도우 8.1 정품 다운로드. When we rally know Him we shall go for Him and the measure in which we know Him determines the measure in which we go. (John 14:9; Phi.3:10; Daniel 11:32)