Characteristics of Success – Ruth

Characteristics of Success – Ruth

Major Points:

(1) Three men, three deaths and three widows; Naomi, Elimilech (her husband), and two sons (Mahlon and Kilion) sought to make Moab their home after fleeing famine in Judah 익스플로러 9 한글 다운로드. But Naomi becomes a widow in the land and within ten years of her husband’s death, both sons also die and needless to say Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth experienced tremendous loss, their husbands were dead 과학 교과서 다운로드. Naomi chose to return to Judah empty and broken, Orpah departed to her hometown in Moab but Ruth clung to her mother-in-law.

(2) Ruth was set apart and got noticed and the following characteristics got her noticed and secured her success 수련충 다운로드. (a) She was DETERMINED to put her life on the line to return to Judah with Naomi. Naomi knew there was no changing of her mind so she stopped trying to ask her to return to her home land (Ruth 1:18) Is there anything that you are so determined to pursue where turning back is not even an option Nate on messenger download? What have you settled in your heart with determination to pursue?

(3) (b) HUMBLE: Being humble is often misunderstood as being weak or low self-esteem but being humble or having humility is to think of yourself less often and others more often 재고관리 양식 다운로드. You can seek to recognize the value of others and serve them first without diminishing your own value. Ruth sought first and foremost to serve and support her mother-in-law which she did with great respect. When Ruth learned of the relative in whose field she could work, she asked permission of Naomi to go to the field (Ruth 2:2) She went without expectation of a hand out but rather a heart disposition of submission to those in authority and a strong work ethic.

(4) (c) LOYAL: Ruth’s fierce loyalty to her mother-in-law caught the eye of Boaz, the relative of Naomi’s husband. He felt great respect for Ruth and sought to reward her kindness. Ruth was taken care of and protected while she gleaned, that there was extra grain left for her to gather, refreshments were available when she needed to rest – Favor. (d) KIND: Ruth was selfless in her care for Naomi. Her love compelled her to sacrifice all herself for the welfare of Naomi, toiling from dawn to dusk in the fields to gather grain.(2:14-18)

(5) (e) COURAGEOUS: upon the direction of Ruth’s wise mother-in-law she presented herself at the feet of Boaz on the threshing floor to ask for for his protection as her kinsman redeemer (3:9) Courageous woman who risked rejection and ridicule with the hope to secure her future and the future of her mother-in-law. She was obedient in the face of fear, and her obedience to the instructions given her was rewarded. (f) FAITH-FILLED: “Your God will be my God” (1:16) If you commit to trust in Him, He will not disappoint. She took action and exercised her faith, God orchestrated her arrival at the field of Boaz, the provision of abundant grain, safety and protection, food to eat, and ultimately marriage to Boaz, birth of a son, the great grandfather of King David and descendant of Jesus Christ.

(6) Ruth was the one who took the Initiative to go and find food for the family, she was diligent in all that she did (Col. 3:22-24, Prov. 12:27, she persevered (Rom 5:3) she was gratitude and content (1 Tim 6:6-8) She was teachable (Prov. 19:20) and dependably. In the end, truths we can glean from Ruth’s life include the value of multiple biblical character traits which apply just as much as today. Emulating these character traits is no magic formula guaranteeing a life with unlimited produce of lasting harvest and success.