Christian Fellowship – Meaning

Christian Fellowship – Meaning

Bible Text: Philippians 1: 1-21 |

Major Points:


(1) Whenever Paul thought of the Christians at Philippi, he thanked God for their fellowship in the gospel 이메일 템플릿 다운로드. Fellowship means a joint participation in a common interest and activity and it refers to something that belongs to us all and we share together. Every Christian should be enjoying and expressing fellowship in the gospel 거장과 마르가리타 다운로드. Fellowship in the gospel expresses itself in THANKSGIVING. (Verse 3)


(2) Paul thanked God for them all and this aspect of fellowship in the gospel is very important indeed 이솝체 다운로드. one of the greatest benefits of being thankful for all those with whom we are associated in Christian worship and service is that it saves us from wrong attitudes like irritation, resentment, jealousy; these are horrible sins of the spirit and we cannot thank God for our brother and at the same time be jealous of him Marcus 2017 download.


(3) fellowship in the gospel expresses itself in PRAYER, (Verse 4) It is the privilege of every Christian to enjoy praying for others 조용필 꿈 다운로드. Before we were Christians it did not make sense to us to pray for our friends and associates but now we know that when we pray for each other we enjoy and express fellowship in the gospel and this purifies the atmosphere of any church and brings spiritual operations and love in abundance 아프리카 tv 영상 다운로드.


(4) In verse 6, we read that Paul had FAITH and confidence in the Christians. It is very easy for us to lose faith in human nature, and even to lose faith in other Christians and in ourselves Flower Wind Wall. Paul had no confidence in himself and no confidence in human nature but he had great confidence in what God was doing. God knew all about Simon Peter (John 1:42), about his nature, temperament and weakness, but He also knew about the good work He was going to do in him, and the kind of man Simon would be when this work was completed 네로 버닝롬 무료 다운로드. (Verse 6)
(5) The fellowship in the gospel expresses itself in LOVE (Verses 7-8), Paul said of these Christians that he had them in his heart, not simply in his head or his lips 싱글리니지 v12 다운로드. He longed for his brothers and sisters at Philippi (John 13:34-35 and 1 Corinthians 13:1-8). The gospel is advanced when Christians live the Christian life consistently (see Paul verses 12-20) and also by the testimony of Christians, verses 14,-18 Download the commission. How is it possible to share and show this fellowship in the gospel? (Phil. 1:19) by the help given by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.