God is Always One Step Ahead of Us

God is Always One Step Ahead of Us

Bible Text: Jonah 1:13-17 |

Major Points:


(1) God divinely provides all our needs and provides His miracles before any obstacle happens, so His miracles always precede our obstacles everest. Understand that your life is in the hands of the Almighty God and He is never surprised with what happens to you.


(2) Before Jonah was thrown into the boisterous sea God had prepared a great fish to carry him away, action done in the past, your miracle is already done before you problem even begins Capstone download. God always sees your need and prepares a solution before it happens. Remember that your need or problem is a sign that the provision has been prepared by God 십병귀 다운로드.


(3) Never use God as a service person and only call Him when you are in trouble, He wants to have a personal relationship with you through our Lord Jesus Christ 해리포터와 죽음의 성물 1 다운로드. When Hagar was crying in the wilderness for her son Ishmael, the well of water existed before Hagar and son arrived there but she did not see until her eyes were opened (Genesis 21) Kilmihilmi ost.

(4) God provided for Himself a ram for sacrifice even before Abraham and Isaac arrived on the mountain for sacrifice (Genesis  22:13), there was a need but God had provided and set aside a solution, all that you need to do is to look, obey, and trust God, completely rely on Him because He will take care of you ps4 standby mode.

(5) Daniel’s three friends were thrown into burning fire but before they got into the fire, provision was prepared that was why the 4th person was seen in the fire in the form of the Son of God animal farm 다운로드. Even a wicked king had a vision from God and even no smoke was smelled on  the three friends (Daniel 3: 8-30)


(6) God makes provision before any obstacle, He provides answers before our need arises Share Gothic woff download. Daniel was cast into the lion’s den but before he arrived, God had sent angels to shut the lions mouths. Before the problem God had provided solution 지출결의서 다운로드. The solution is God. He has already taken care of our sins, health, problems, etc.