God’s Priorities

God’s Priorities

Major Points:


(1) We are to consider some of the things that God puts first in order of importance. There is a certain excitement about first things, most of us remember our first day at school, parents remember the first time we walked or talked 지오디 노래 다운로드. We remember the first time we accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour, prayed in public, preached, shared a testimony, or led a soul to Christ 취향저격 다운로드.


(2) All these experiences came first in order of time, however, we want to focus upon some things that should come first by our deliberate choice https //www.youtube.com. Concerning these, God says “Seek ye first; for they are His priorities. Many things in this world are calling for priority and we need to know how to access their values in order that we do not give first place to secondary things 상사화 다운로드.


(3)  Let us understand that the Soul is more important than the body – Mark 8:36; the things of Eternity are of greater importance than the things of time – 2 Corinthians 4:18; Hebrews 9:27; Life itself is far more important than possessions – Luke 12:15, 21; Moral strength is far more important than physical strength – Eph 심즈 부지 다운로드. 6:10. Where are we to find guidance in the matter of putting first things first and how are we to know what God would have us to do in this matter? The Word of God is our all-sufficient guide.


(4)  In Matt. 6:33, if we will put God first and seek to do His will first, then we need have no anxiety about anything else, for He will shower upon us His abundant provisions, even in the days of shortage. We see that the promise of Matt. 6:33 is made to the Christian who is willing to go all the way with the Lord. God knows all about our temporal needs, and He waits and wants and guarantees to meet those needs if we will put first things first – 1 Kings 17:13-16; Phili. 4:19.

(5) In Matt. 5:23-24 we study that ” first your brother, then your giving”. The Devil loves to sow seeds of discord in the ranks of the redeemed but her God shows us the way to victory. The way that commands His blessings and to worship Him in truth and in the Spirit. be willing to seek and secure reconciliation first and that alone will glorify Him and release His blessings to us.

(6) In Matt. 7:3-5 teaches us to “first judge yourself, then your brother” Se how blind we often are to our own faults, yet how quickly we observe the faults and failings of others. Nearly every time we criticize someone else for a certain thing, we unconsciously criticize them for the thing of which we ourselves are guilty – Matthew 7:1-5

(7) In Matt. 23:25-26 shows “first the inside, then the outside” – the Christian’s life is not just an outwardly reformed life, it is primarily an inwardly cleansed life – 1 Samuel 16:7. When the inward cleansing is thorough, the outward transformation is soon evident. God does not want outward profession merely; first He wants inward possession.  – 2 Chronicles 29:15-17.