“Guidance by God”

“Guidance by God”

Major Points:

(1) “I will instruct you in the way you should go” This is a promise from God to His children. The subject of guidance is one of that intimately touches every Christian, and there is no subject about which Christian men and women are more anxious to receive help Download bear player integrated codec. Everyday, week, month and year, in fact all through our lives, we are in need of guidance. We constantly come to the crossroads needing to know which way to turn Frozen movie. We can be guided and be sure of making right decisions – Psalm 32:8.

(2) God is able to guide us, after all, He is the great and might God, and because of this He is well able to guide you – Psalm 73:24 크롬 64 비트 다운로드. If you are wondering about buying a house, getting married, seeking another job….God is well able to guide you to make the right decision. He is also willing to guide us, He is able and willing, otherwise He would not promise to do so (Prov.3:5-6) 리듬세상 nds 다운로드.

(3) If you are faced with a big decision concerning the future of your life or the re-arrangement of your business the Lord is not only able to show you what to do but He is willing to show you because He says, “I will instruct and teach you” 캘리그라피 다운로드. He is also longing to guide us because He has a better and perfect plan for us and He does not want us to make a mistake. Able; Willing; Longing.

(4)The nature of God’s guidance is that He is incapable of making mistakes and His ways are perfect. His wisdom is also endless and He never errs in His judgement or anything he does. It is individual guidance, notice the word “you”. The Lord is ready, able, willing and eager to guide everybody, but it is individual guidance that He gives. It is practical guidance as it is always comprehensive and down- to- earth. he is always watching over us, He wants and wits to guide us.

(5) There are certain conditions that we have to fulfill if we would know His guidance. That is why He says He will guide us with His eye. He does not push us around indiscriminately, his eye is upon us but we have to watch His eye to be guided by it. There must be humble mind, recognize that you need guidance (Psalm 25:9), your confession indicates your humble mind. Follow carefully the guidance He gives us in His word. (Marriage- 2 Corin. 6:14; going to church- Heb.10:25)

(6) Follow carefully the guidance He gives by the Holy Spirit, we need that careful and prayerful walk with the Lord. There must be a surrendered will as we follow Him and His guidance. It is a waste of time to watch His eye unless we are willing to go His way, walk humbly before Him, watching and waiting for Him to guide us and fully yielding ourselves to Him.