“Hindered Prayers, Why?”

“Hindered Prayers, Why?”

Major Points:


(1) Prayer is the most talked about, yet least practiced of all spiritual virtues, it involves submission to God, recognition of our entire dependence upon Him and He is our Creator Total Warhammer 2. Prayer is when we seek and speak to our Creator and Lord. Such communication would take the form of personal petitions, intercession for others, heartfelt worship and praise, and His will Sunrise. Paul, the apostle takes it for granted that Christians habitually pray. Prayer is assumed to be the regular habit of the believer.


(2) Sadly, some do not pray Slumdog Millionaire! They do not pray privately or involved with prayers at all and want others to do it for them. How often are we hindered from praying, and even when we do pray how often are our prayers hindered 하츠오브아이언3 다운로드? So what hinders our prayers? (Psalm 66:18; Proverbs 28:9; Matt. 5:23-24; 1 John 3:21-22)


(3)  The hindrances that prevent us from praying are when we become spiritually slack, lazy, careless, give up reading your Bible, over work, even too busy for God and there is little or no time left for quite, uninterrupted prayer Idm automatic download. Worldly spirit and affections set upon earthly things and neglecting heavenly and spiritual things will hinder prayers (Acts 16:13)


(4) We must consider hindrances that prevent our prayers from being effective, so we pray but get no answers to our prayers.
A wrong relationship with God v12 – the prayer of the righteous will prevail – we must know our Lord Jesus Savior and God as our heavenly Father before we can be sure that our prayers will be heard and answered. Wrong relationship with wives, husbands and others will block our prayers v 1-7, even worldly provocative dress can hinder your prayers v 3-4, God desire us to be modest.

(5) A proud and haughty spirit can hinder your prayer v4, as well as lack of Christian love – v8, 9; as God’s people we need to be compassionate, sympathetic, polite, kind and gentle. Unclean lips will surely hinder prayers v 10-11, lips that offer prayer must be clean, not gossiping, lying, deceitful or unkind. (Isaiah 6:5). A bad conscience will also hinder prayers v16, 21; Matt. 5:23

Let us pray always with all prayer in God’s way as prescribed in His Word.