New Testament Conversions – Paul

New Testament Conversions – Paul

Major Points:

(1) We have here the historical record of the conversion of Saul of Tarsus, perhaps the most important in all centuries. The details of his conversion are recorded three times in the Book of Acts, chapter 9, 22 and 26 Brick Breaking Download. In addition, Paul refers to it in Galatians 1:12:17; Phil. 3:4-14 and 1 Tim 1:12-14. He loved to give his testimony because something great had happened – the Lord had saved him and he felt he must tell others Ghibli download. He had an attitude of gratitude. His conversion was unlike most others and also like every other conversion.

(2) Saul was an unlikely convert, and his conversion was unexpected, he was the last person we would expect to become a Christian walker. Very often we look at others and feel it would be a miracle if they were converted, but let us remind ourselves that every conversion is a miracle and that God delights to do what seem to us unlikely and unexpected things Come play animal forest download. Let us be careful that we do not limit God by our unbelief and let us trust Him to bring the hard and difficult ones to know Him as Lord and Savior (Luke 1:37)

(3) Saul’s conversion was sudden and dramatic as he was on a journey to arrest the Christians in Damascus and to have them imprisoned; but at the next moment this proud and rebellious man was humble and enquiring as how he could submit his life to the lordship of Jesus python web. He made a right-about-turn and that exactly describes what conversion is. Every conversion is sudden, a passing from death to life (John 5:24); it is the new birth (John 3:3) and the born again experience.

(4) With most people the Holy Spirit makes gradual impressions upon the heart , conscience and the mind, until the moment comes when the will is moved over in surrender to the Lord and He is accepted and acknowledged as Lord and Savior. (Rom. 10:13) Saul actually saw the Lord and heard His voice and every convert sees the Lord Jesus with the eye of faith, we see Him on the Cross dying for us, ascending, exalted and we hear His voice in His Word then transformation (2 Corin. 5:17)

(5) The sovereignty of God began it and no man could have prevented this supernatural work of God’s sovereign grace. Conversion is the human side of regeneration or new birth and regeneration is the divine side of conversion. Notice that God is the initiator and it is His sovereign work to bring a sinner to the Savior. it was altogether of grace and apart from works. Saul’s conversion had nothing to do his precious life, he did not bring any offering to the Lord which was acceptable. He was not saved by works but by grace, through faith and by the Lord Himself.