New Testament Conversions: (Shocking Experience)”The Philippian Jailer”

New Testament Conversions: (Shocking Experience)”The Philippian Jailer”

Major Points:

(1) We are to consider the record of one of the most dramatic conversions and the emphasis is not only evangelistic but it is instructive and we have a great deal of basic biblical truth lee munse song. Paul and Silas who, although so cruelly treated, were able to pray and sing praises at midnight, when humanly speaking they were at a very low and depressing condition 롤리팝 5.1 1 다운로드. They were suddenly in the midst of a prayer and praise meeting in their prison cell with other prisoners listening to them.

(2) That is when God stepped in and another soul and his family were swept into the kingdom of God this moment. Notice the shock he experienced v.26. In fact, there was an earthquake and the jailer was asleep because he felt confident that the prisoners were safe and secure in the inner cells, but when the earth began to shake and the prison doors were opened he became shocked 한쇼 무료 다운로드. And what a great shock he received when he found that Paul and Silas had not tried to escape.

(3) What extraordinary prisoners these were v.27-28 and picture the scene 이메일 아이콘 다운로드. Every true conversion produces a shock and in a sense every true conversion is accompanied by an earthquake – by a mighty spiritual shacking of the Holy Spirit. Such was the case here v.29. The jailer received not only a physical shock but a spiritual and emotional one, a shock in his conscience.

(4) He did not have any concern at all about his soul’s salvation when he went to bed but he deeply and certainly felt concerned now. He probably knew of the conversion of Lydia v.14-15; the demon -possessed girl v.16-18. what we can be quite sure about is that he suddenly became convinced that he was a lost man and that his greatest and most urgent need was to be saved. He realized that God’s wrath is upon us – John 3:36; and that we are perishing – 2 Corin. 2:15; that we are spiritually dead Eph. 2:1.

(5) Look at the question he asked v.30 and the answer he received v.31, full of several vital truths: (a) Justification is by faith alone, plus nothing and the key word is BELIEVE, (b) the nature of saving faith and the key word is IN the jailer had to trust in Him (Rom. 10:9-10) (c) Jesus is the only Savior (John 14:6; Acts 4:12) (d) It is salvation now because we are saved the moment we believe on our Lord Jesus Christ and never afterwards through faith in him Luke 23:43; John 5:24 (d) Salvation is for everyone – the jailer could be saved by believing, and all his household could be saved in the same way -Rom. 10:11-13

(6) Finally, see the faith he exercised v.32, it is clear that the jailer received Christ as his Savior. Verse 33 gives the evidence of the great change which had taken place in the heart and life of this man. He actually washed their wounds and set a meal before them (Luke 19:8) Undoubtedly the jailer and his family confessed the Lord with their mouths (Rom. 10:9-10) and there was something urgent about it “IMMEDIATELY” and there was also much “JOY” about it.