Our Dependence is Upon God

Our Dependence is Upon God

Bible Text: Psalm 30:1-12 |  

Major Points:


(1) We see David lifting up the Lord in praise, we also know that David, like us, made mistakes and committed sins and was punished for those mistakes and sins Download Africa tv replay. But the wonderful thing in this, that God has forgiven him and lifted him up from his pit of despair. The greatest rejoicing is when we were guilty of sins and are now forgiven zalo pc 다운로드. David praises God for hearing him and healing him. (Psalm 6:2; 30:8-10;86:13; Isaiah 53:5)


(2) King David contrasted the momentary difficulties of this life with God’s lasting favor (Verse 5) and a similar sentiment is expressed by Paul, when he compares the afflictions that the believers face in this life with the glory they will experience in the other side after this life Jelly Blast. (2 Corinthians 4:7). Remember that joy comes in the morning and at the darkest point of night, that dawn is beginning to come.


(3) This problem of David is the problem of the whole world, when times are going good, we are NOT seeking the face of God but it is our time of sorrow, trouble, difficulty, pain, disappointment and confusion that we cry out to God (Verse 6) 노래가 좋아 다운로드. When there is no temptation, we feel that we are sitting pretty with God but let temptation come, we may fall like David did. We grow little on the mountain top and it is in the valleys that we grow more Supernatural Season 11. (in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved… David  verse 6)


(4) It was your favor which had given me the prosperity whereby I was exalted and which I thought rooted in myself, which had made Zion strong, and enabled me to triumph over my enemies xerox printer driver. But lo! suddenly all was changed. I was so confident, and when I thought my mountain stood strong, and that I was so secure then I was shown how insecure and uncertain was all that I relied on, withdrawing of your favor, (verse 7) Now- troubled, agitated, and terrified and thrown into fear Office 2013 Download. Vain is every other refuge.


(5) When we get to feeling as if we have won and we are on the mountain top , sometimes the mountain begins to shake, and we must go back in the valley to be thought a lesson StarCraft Remastered Map. We are always troubled when we feel that God has turned away his face from us. It is time to repent when this happens. We may not realize that we have offended God, but that would be the only reason He would remove His presence 유튜브 빠른 다운로드. I refuse to go to a church where the presence of the Lord is not evident. I go to church to fellowship with the Lord, and if He is not there, I cannot fellowship with Him Download blind side subtitles. God turned David’s mourning into dancing, He will do the same.