Perfect Peace in the Mist of Storm

Perfect Peace in the Mist of Storm

Major Points:

(1) This promise, Isaiah 26:3, was given by God in the darkest period of Israel’s history, yet it will be a great help to us now when we are surrounded by much groom and depression, constantly threatened with the 3 enemies of doubt, fear and worry, When all is going well it is easy to read a promise like this in a superficial way, but when disappointment and trial comes these words become precious Linux Anaconda.

(2) There is no promise in the Bible to suggest that here on earth we shall ever experience freedom from trouble, war, trial, temptation, anguish, loss 윈도우 파워쉘 다운로드. etc. but something far better is promised, it is the promise of PERFECT PEACE in the mist of all these. Of what value would freedom from these troubles be if we had no inward peace men's silhouette? Yet it is possible in the fiercest battle for the trusting soul to experience a deep-down calm, an inward peace and a quite confidence – Isaiah 30:15

(3) Perfect Peace is defined as a condition of freedom from disturbance, it is perfect harmony reigning within us 어도비 프리미어 프로 다운로드. The Hebrew word “shalom” has in it the idea of soundness of health, so that to filled with perfect peace is be spiritually healthy and free from discord within our souls 카니발 다운로드. There can be no room for jealousy, envy, uncontrolled temper, selfishness, pride, intolerance, harsh criticism, fear, etc. in the soul that is filled with peace from God. It is the great calm He commands Mark 4:39

(4) Perfect peace from God is permanent and not intermittent, the promise says, “You keep – Psalm 121:1-8 (4) and we never know  the peace of God until we know peace with God -Phil. 4:7, Jesus Christ is the source from whom God’s peace flows into our souls. There is no peace for anyone who does not possess Christ and who is not resting on the finished work of Christ for salvation. (Col. 1:19-20)

(5) The perfect peace come to us by the Holy Spirit, Christ procured peace on the Cross of Calvary and it is offered to us by Him as the source; but it is conveyed to our hearts  and minds by the Holy Spirit – Gal. 5:22, peace is part of the fruit of the Spirit. Also, there is a promise of peace to those people who love, meditate in and obey the Word of God (Psalm 119:165). Our obedience to Him calls for His peace (Lev. 26:3-6). Perfect peace is the Lord Himself within us.