Pursuing Spiritual Self-Examination – Part 3

Pursuing Spiritual Self-Examination – Part 3

Bible Text: Lamentation 3:22-26; 31-40 |

Major Points:


(1) I have found that regular self examination is beneficial and motivating for spiritual growth 윈도우10 1709 iso 다운로드. It is time we take an objective look at our thoughts, words, and actions. Taking regular self-examination can help in overcoming sinful behavior, improving our patience, or increasing our Bible study and spiritual growth, it helps us to become more Christ-like 죠스 효과음 다운로드. we can never be perfect like Jesus, but we can always be more like Him.


(2) Take time for regular self-examination, examine to see how you might improve and be even more like Christ but when you do your self-examination, do not condemn yourself for any reason but see to grow spiritually and to become more like Christ Flight Simulator x. Examining your life is essential to your growth as a Christian believer. seeing your own sins and failings will make it possible for you to confess, repent, find forgiveness, and grow in grace 던전앤드래곤 롬 다운로드. If you cannot see your own failings, you cannot make progress.


(3) Self-examination is also a dangerous business because Satan can try to subvert you by pulling you down into self-condemnation and despair Moneyball. So be careful and while you have one eye focused on your sins and failures, keep the other eye focused on God’s grace given to you in Christ. Reflection and confession of sin help restore people to the path of life Ocarina of time. For Christians to faithfully examine themselves and admit the ways they have  transgressed and rebelled is vitally important for intimacy with the Lord Download Animal Tekken 2. To be pardoned, one must truly be sorry for the sins he committed and rebellion is next to witchcraft and the way to be pardoned is to have a total change of heart 물고기 키우기 게임 다운로드. (1 Samuel 15:23)


(4) Verse 40-41 says turn again to the Lord. seeing God does not grieve us willingly, nor delight to crush us, though we be his prisoners, and seeing the hand of God is in these things upon us, the reasonable thing to do is to repent, confess, reform and turn again to Him thump. We must live the salvation that we have received everyday. Christianity is no good, unless it is an everyday affair, turn to the Lord while He can be found and He will help us to stay on the narrow path until we get there – heaven 나는 빠리의 나비부인 다운로드. (Matthew 7:12-14)
(5) In verse 33, we observe that it is with reluctance the Lord afflicts His people, He is as it were, forced to it, speaking after the manner of men (Hosea 11:8) He does not do it with delight and pleasure; He delights in mercy, but judgement is His strange act and He does not stir up all His wrath, and He does not do it out of will, but in love, and for our good. (Hebrews 12:6). God loves His children and has no desire to punish us. He gives us every opportunity to repent and turn from our sin, and it is only after many times of warning that trouble comes upon us. (2 Pet. 3:9)