“Shining as Lights in a Dark and Crocked World”

“Shining as Lights in a Dark and Crocked World”

Major Points:


(1) Christians are spoken of as children of God, all people of the world everywhere are the children of God in a creative sense but only real Christians are his real children in a redemptive sense (Malachi 2:10; john 1:12-14) 젤리젤리 mp3 다운로드. The apostle Paul tells us that, as son of God we are to shine like stars in a dark world, just as the stars shine in the heavens. so we as heavenly people, are to shine for the Lord web browser.


(2) We are to shine as Moses did – Exodus 34:29; as the Lord Jesus did – Matt. 17:2; as John the Baptist did – John 5:35; as Stephen did – Acts 6:15 sentinel song. To shine for the Lord is the very essence of Christian service – Matt. 5:16, and all of us can do it – John 8:12. We are to shine in the universe which is the inhabited world in which we live, and also to the worldly system which is opposed to Christ and that excludes Him and which we are forbidden to love -1 John 2:15-17 test.


(3)  As Christians we are in the world, but we are not to be of it, as John 17:11,15 make clear. Also remember that we are living in a crooked and depraved generation – Prov Tuman River. 2:13-15 and Isaiah 53:6. What a fearful and moral darkness engulfs this generation . Gross moral darkness covers the earth and sin abounds everywhere as is indicated by the increase in divorce, drink and drugs addition, gambling, crime, sexual offences; corruption and on every hand there is an appalling ignorance of God and of spiritual things, and God’s anger is on human race. (Gen. 6:5)


(4)  It is in this crooked and depraved generation that we are to shine for the Lord, in public and in private, socially and domestically – Matt. 5:14-15. We are to shine by not complaining v14; not arguing v14; by being blameless v15; by being pure v15; by being without fault v15;


(5) We are to shine so that God the Father may be glorified and also that the Lord Jesus may be magnified and to magnify a thing is to make it appear bigger and Christians by their shining witness are to make the Lord appear big before the world. We are to shine that we may be a light for the lost in the world. There can be no shining without burning, and burning means sacrifice, we are to shine so that sinners may be saved.