The Armor of God – Righteousness

The Armor of God – Righteousness

Major Points:

(1) The breastplate of righteousness guards our heart and a wound to the chest can be fatal. That is why ancient soldiers wore a breastplate covering their heart and lungs 듀오 맵스킨 다운로드. Our heart is weak to the wickedness of this world, but our protection is the righteousness that comes from Jesus Christ. We can not become righteous through our own good works, God see s us as sinless because of what His Son did for us – 2 Corin Download The Deaf1. 5:21. Accept your Christ-given righteousness; let it cover and protect you. (Prov. 4:23)

(2) What is righteousness and what does it mean to be righteous ftp simultaneous download? It is the perfect holiness of Christ and an essential attribute to the character of God, meaning one who is right, think of it as contrary opposite of sin Windows installer. To commit sin is to go against God’s design for our lives therefore righteousness is the only living standard that is acceptable for us to stand before the Father (Prov Full KakaoTalk. 12:28).

(3) As a matter of fact, Isaiah says that our attempts to produce righteousness on our own are disgusting in the eyes of God -Isa. 64:6

Even when our good deeds seems to be performed from the purest of motives, unless that motivation is to glorify the Name of Jesus, those deeds are self-righteous and sinful.  We are completely incapable of changing our own hearts, only Jesus can do that. When we stop trying to produce righteousness and begin to simply trust in the Holy Spirit to change our hearts, He will make us righteous.

(4) Our righteousness is imputed from Jesus through the atoning work that He accomplished on the cross (Phi. 1:11) and the Bible clearly defines righteousness as something His people should pursue -2 Tim. 2:22. When God delivered His people out of Egypt, through Moses, He gave them a set of laws called the Torah; also known as the first 5 books of the Old Testament. The purpose of this was to teach the Israelites how to live righteously through obedience. It was to teach them how to live like Him (Deut. 6:25)

(5) In order for them to obey the law and produce righteousness, they needed a new heart to replace their heats of stone, they needed a heart that would DESIRE God and DELIGHT in His law, rather than continue in wickedness (Rom. 10:4) The purpose of the New Testament Cross is that when God sees His people, He doesn’t see our sin, instead , He sees us as clothed in the righteous of Christ. He sees us instantly and completely justified through that righteousness (Isaiah 61:10)

(6) This was the purpose of the Cross, out of love and mercy, Christ came to fulfill the law for us, He fulfilled the story of the Torah for His people. We are unable to obey the law and live in righteousness, so Christ came and lived in perfection in our place. He took our disobedience, nailed it to the Cross, and gave us righteousness. Do not try to achieve it but pursue God’s character, meaning, turn away from your natural, sinful desires, and turn to Christ for His perfect and righteous ways. Our righteousness began in Christ and is completed in Christ. Follow Him, obey Him, and pursue His righteousness daily.