The Armor of God  – Shield of Faith

The Armor of God  – Shield of Faith

Major Points:

(1) No defensive armor was as important as the shield because it fended off arrows, spears and swords. Our shield of faith guards us against one of Satan’s dangerous weapons: doubt java spring file. He shoots doubt at us when God does not act immediately or visibly, but our faith in God’s trustworthiness comes from the unchanging truth of the Bible your iCloud computer. We know our Father can be counted on, our fortress.

(2 Corinthians 10:4) Faith and doubt don’t mix, our shield of faith sends Satan’s flaming arrows of doubt harmlessly to the side Silent Prayered the seventh album.

(2) We keep our shield held high, confident in the knowledge that God provides for us, God protects us, and God is faithful to us His children 예쁜아이콘 다운로드. our shield holds because of the One our faith is in, Jesus Christ. (2 Corin. 5:7) Take up your shield of faith which can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one flip subtitles. Eph. 6:16, it is the first barrier against the enemy’s attack. Satan’s attacks can sometimes cause us to doubt God but faith prompts us to believe God

(3) We give in to temptation when we believe what it has to offer is better than what God has promised but faith reminds us that, though fulfillment of God’s promise may not be readily visible to us, God is true to His Word. When he attempts to cause continual troubles or bring doubt or entice us with instant gratification, faith recognizes the deceptiveness of his tactics and quickly extinguishes the arrows. When he accuses, faith chooses to believe that Jesus has redeemed us and the there is no more condemnation (Rom. 8:1)

(4) When we believe God and take Him at His Word, we remain grounded in truth, the lies of the enemy lose their power, and we become over comers and in that way, faith is our shield, even our salvation (Eph. 2:8) Do not forget that the spiritual battle wages around us everyday – 2 Corin. 10:4 and if we don’t put on our armor, we leave ourselves in a vulnerable position on the spiritual battlefield. The shield of faith covers our most vulnerable spots, especially our heart, this heavy shield can withstand  all blows.

(5) Doubt can represent anything that hinders our spiritual growth such as contentment  or fear but no matter what the devil uses to attack us, we need to take up the shield of faith to protect ourselves from his assaults. Faith is not blind belief, it comes when we have enough evidence to make an informed decision. Christians have investigated God and we have found Him to be good, all powerful,  all knowing, all present, merciful, and so much more, therefore, we can trust Him  to deliver and protect us.

(6) Faith can not only protects us from the blows of the devil but it can push back against him. For instance, when Satan tempts Jesus, Jesus uses His knowledge of the scripture as an act of faith and pushes against Satan’s threats-Matt.4:1-11, faith can also put out any false teaching. Faith helps heal the blind man – Matt. 9:29, calls out unclean spirits – Mark 9:23-25. God is our shield -Gen.15:1; deut. 33:29. Shield comes from God alone, and the shield protects us.