“The Lord is My Helper”

“The Lord is My Helper”

Major Points:

(1) Our helper in every time of need is the Lord Himself, and every believer can say “the Lord is my helper”. His help is adequate because it is divine, almighty help psp emulation for pc. “The Lord is my helper”. When we are in need friends and family come to our aid, but often they can not help us because their resources are limited and inadequate but the Lord’s resources are never inadequate Hundred Soul. His name is El-Shaddai -Genesis 17:1 which means that He is  “the Enough God”.

(2) His help is always available because the Lord who doesn’t change is always with is ” Immanuel” hyundai maritime program. Link together Heb. 13:8, the end of verse 5 and 6. Do you recall that Mary and Martha said “if you have been here, my brother would not have died” John 11:21,32 Photoshop cc 2017 download? But He is always here Psalm 46:1-3,7, 11.

(3) His help is appropriate to our individual needs because it is personally dispensed to each of His children exchange server 2010. From Heb. 13: 1-9, we are shown several ways in which we need the Lord’s help if we are to live the Christian life effectively. V1 tells me that I need love and never let it fail but sometimes I do let it fail. V2 tells me that I need to be generous and extend hospitality to even strangers, be friendly, cordial, gracious, share with others generously but sometimes I am cold, mean, selfish,  and unapproachable. These are Christian graces and virtues but they are not in ourselves but in the Lord and He is our helper.

(4) V3 tells me to that I need sympathy, particularly for those who are suffering for Christ’s sake, many people are suffering, untold stories, great persecution, and affliction simply because they are Christians. Do you have any real sympathy for them? Do you even pray for them? V4 tells me that I need purity. We are saved from a completely worldly society in which the standards of morality and of spirituality revealed in the Bible are completely unknown, and much around us are impure. How can we keep pure in a society which is filled with impurity?  – The Lord is my helper.

(5) V5 tells me that I need to be contend,  have calm mind and heart. Are you satisfied with your present circumstance? I have Christ so what more do I want  but our world is filled with unrest, greediness, pride, hatred, selfishness, wickedness and evil thinking   – “the Lord is my helper”. V6 tells me that I need  to be settled on the Lord so that when sudden alarms come I may not be thrown off-balance. Isaiah 26:3, Phil. 4:6, have your mind and heart steadfast upon the Lord.

(6) V7 tells me that I need to have a settled convictions regarding my belief. Do not be unstable in your appreciation of God’s revealed truth, especially  His written Word, Psalm 138:2; revealed Word that is Jesus, and the work of the Holy Spirit in your life as a child of God. We have seen our need for love, generosity, sympathy, purity, contentment, to be settled, and spiritual convictions. Personally say “the Lord is my helper” in every time of need.