The Secret of Contentment – Part 1

The Secret of Contentment – Part 1

Bible Text: Philippians 4:10-13 |

Major Points:


(1) Contentment can be difficult to find or achieve, we go after what we think will make us satisfied or happy but only to find that it didn’t work removal of km player ads. Lack of contentment that marks our world is reflected in many ways, example, consumer debts. We are not content to live within our means, so we go into debt to live just a bit better that we can afford 잊혀진 가방 다운로드. The advertising companies tries to convince us that we can’t be happy or survive unless we have their products and we often take the bait and we become overloaded or add more pressure to our lives 스폰지밥 브금 다운로드.


(2) Our discontent  rears its head in our high divorce rate and we can’t find happiness in our marriages. We trade our mates in for for different partners only to find that the same problems reoccur 지디스크 다운로드. We try to get more money so we can have more things and that life will be more comfortable, we spend money that we can’t afford, hoping that will give us what we want in life but it usually doesn’t work, why 소득금액증명원 다운로드? (Matthew 6:33)


(3) In Philippians 4:10-13, a man who sits in prison because of corrupt officials awaiting possible execution over false charges tells us how to find contentment new subscription. The answer lies buried in the mist of a thank-you note. The Philippian church sent a financial gift to Paul the prisoner and expressing his heartfelt thanks, contentment showed up 쇼핑왕루이 다운로드.

(4) Since in 4:10 he shows that he rejoiced in the Lord greatly when he received the gift, not because of the money, but because it showed the Philippians’ heartfelt love and concern for him iTunes 11. Paul was not detached from the people, he loved people dearly and was not afraid to show it. He also affirms his sufficiency in Christ. Contentment does not mean complacency but as Christians we can work to better our circumstances as we have opportunity 스마트폰 유튜브 mp3 다운로드. The Bible extols hard work and the rewards that come from it, as long as we are free from greed.

(5) Contentment is an inner sense of rest or peace that comes from being right with God and knowing that He is in control of all that happens to us Find happiness and subtitles. It means having our focus on the kingdom of God and serving Him, not on the love of money and things. If God grants us material comforts, we can thankfully enjoy them, knowing that it all comes from His loving hand. But also we seek to use it for His purpose by being generous. But if He chooses to take our riches, our joy remains steady, because we are fixed on Him.