The Secret of Contentment – Part 2

The Secret of Contentment – Part 2

Bible Text: 1 Timothy 6:6-11 |

Major Points:


Our lives are centered on a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, so no matter what happens to us or what others do to us, we have the steady assurance that the lord is for us and He will not forsake us 리눅스 오라클 11g 다운로드. (Psalm 3:1-4)
The secret of contentment in every situation is to focus on the Lord as Sovereign, as Savior, and as the sufficient One.

(2) If I know the Lord as the sovereign One whom I must SUBMIT; He is the Savior whom I must SERVE; He is the sufficient One whom I must TRUST, if I know Him in these ways as Paul did, I will know contentment 대항해시대4 pk 다운로드. Paul knew that God was in control, God knew his need, and God would supply or not to supply as He saw fit. He was subject to His sovereignty. (Hebrews 13:5)


(3) I believe Paul had a policy of not making his financial needs known to anyone except the Lord ubuntu packages. He was in prison and unable to pursue his tent-making trade and he was under pressure and he wrote a number of letters to various churches and individuals ( Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon) and never once does he mention his financial needs AutoCad Viewer 2017 download. Rather, he asks for PRAYER for boldness and faithfulness in his witness. He trusted and submitted to the sovereignty of God to provide his needs, trusting that God knew what was best for him hangul epub.

(4) But notice, Paul learned to be content in all conditions and it did not come naturally to him and it was not an instant transformation. Contentment is a process, something that we learn from walking with God each day, and key to this process is understanding that everything, major and minor, is under God’s sovereignty 유튜브 자막 다운로드. He uses all circumstances to train us in faith if we submit to Him and trust Him.

The reason Paul knew that God would meet his needs was that Jesus had promised Noir download. (Matthew 6:33) All these refers to what you shall eat, what you shall drink, what you shall wear (6:25). Contentment comes from focusing on the Lord as the Savior whom I must serve clip 다운로드. He will take care of our basic material needs. If our focus is on our Savior and doing what He has called us to do for His kingdom, which includes growing in personal holiness, then we be content with what He provides 포맷후 드라이버 다운로드.