“What Manner of Persons Ought You to be” 2 Peter 3:11

“What Manner of Persons Ought You to be” 2 Peter 3:11

Major Points:


(1) “Your pure minds” – a good commendation which demonstrates that Peter believed that his readers were genuine Christians, sincere, uncontaminated and unmixed by the seductive influences of the world, flesh, and the devil, but we have the mind of Christ 제5인격 pc 다운로드. The NT has about 300 references of the second coming of Christ to gather His own, warnings about judgement, information about establishing His kingdom, and bringing in eternal righteousness multilingual fonts. Verse 1.


(2)  The irrefutable proof for the second coming of Christ and judgement of the wicked will truly happen. But ridicule and mockery  from scoffers arise from willful rejection of truth than any presentation of facts 아크로벳 프로페셔널 다운로드. (Isaiah 5:19; Jude 18) False teachers and prophets do not know the truth and God or they intentionally ignore or twist the truth. They mock the second coming of Jesus Christ, the scoffers are those who make fun of those who believe in salvation through Jesus Christ hola vpn. Verse 3

(3) If we believe Christ is coming again, this belief must affect our behavior, conduct and service (Luke 12:43; Phil. 1:10). We are to lead holy lives and if we know that He is coming today Matt 영화 원스 다운로드. 5:23-24, apologies would be made, debts would be paid – Rom 13:8; dirty books would be burnt – Acts 19:19; loved ones would be warned; confessions would be made- Matt. 18:15-16. Well the fact is He is coming soon.


(4)  If we believe that Jesus is coming again soon, we shall be far more interested in the world to come than this world filled with suffering, poverty, sins. In this world, we are to shine as lights -Matt. 5:16; and to be as salt – Matt. 5:13, exercising a purifying influence in the community in which we live. This world is not our home, we are only pilgrims passing through on our way to Heaven. We look forward for the promised New Heaven and a New earth, the home of righteousness.


(5) If we believe that He is coming again soon, we shall be deeply concerned for the salvation of those who are not ready to meet Him, Verses 9 and 15 remind us of the Lord’s wonderful compassion towards those who are perishing and we who are His servants should share his deep concern for the salvation of men and women. The signs of the times tell us that the coming of the Lord is very near – James 5:8.


(6) If we believe that He is coming again and soon, we shall be steadfast and unmovable in the midst of the worsening conditions in the world. Verse 17 tells us that we must except conditions in the world to get worse; but a world that has rejected God and His Son and that has ignored the divine remedy for sin can never get better apart from divine intervention. It is in this desperately sin-stricken world that you and I, who love , fear, and serve the Lord are to find encouragement, hope and inspiration in the assurance of ore Lord, who is the throne and will shortly come down.