“A Heart of Gratitude is Always Thankful”

“A Heart of Gratitude is Always Thankful”

Major Points:

(1) Thankfulness is an important quality for all people, especially for the Christians. Nations remember the sacrifices and achievements of those who have paid prices with their lives for their countries Download The Bachelor Annie. Thankfulness is recognizing good things that have happened to you, and acknowledging the people who made those good things happen. So for the Christian, it is recognizing who God is and what He has done Bochs.

(2) Before David becoming king of Israel, he was a wanted man. The current king Saul was threatened by David’s popularity with the people and hunted David across the countryside 우분투 18.04 서버 다운로드. However, God delivered David from Saul and all his enemies, and made David the king of Israel, and under his leadership, Israel’s influence expanded greatly 러블리 스틸 다운로드. He became a high king, with the surrounding nations acknowledging him as their ruler. After Saul’s death, he sings a song of praise to God. (2 Sam.22:49-50)

(3) David thanked the Lord for wealth, Solomon was the king of Israel who had the privilege of building a temple to the Lord in Jerusalem, that is why it is called “Solomon’s temple”, it was a magnificent building Final Cut. But Solomon didn’t design it, that honor goes to David. Before he died, David made plans for a great temple in Jerusalem, made massive fundraising campaign to collect gold, sliver, jewels and supplies for building the temple, which was successful as the people gave generously-even out-giving David.

(4) In Psalm 119:62, the psalmist thanked the Lord for His laws. Here he is proclaiming his dedication to the laws of the Lord. He goes so far as to say he wakes up in the middle of the night to thank God for His laws. Daniel resolved to be faithful to God and His laws, he thanked God for wisdom and power -Daniel 2:23.  The healed leper came back to thank Jesus as well. During Bible times, a leper had to live outside the community of people as they were unclean, disgraced outcasts in Jewish society.

(5) But when 10 lepers happen upon Jesus, they called out to him for mercy, then Jesus healed them all but only one with a gratitude heart came back to thank Him. The thankful man was a Samaritan, even after being cleansed of his illness, he was still someone that the Jews saw as outsider, yet he came back to say thank you. Jesus was pleased with his expression of thanks and grieved at the absence of the other nine.

(6) Everyday we should be filled with gratitude for all that the Savior has done for us, especially, when we were spiritual lepers before Him. We should respond to God’s blessings by glorifying Him at Jesus’ feet from thankful hearts. You can call out to Him for mercy like the lepers with obedient faith and salvation will be your portion.