“Defending the Truth in Times of Decline”

“Defending the Truth in Times of Decline”

Major Points:


(1) When Jude began his letter he intended to write about the salvation we share as believers (verse 3), but the Holy Spirit compelled him to appeal to his readers to contend or defend the faith and truth that was once entrusted to all the saints nexus. So we are reminded that it is our urgent duty as believers to defend the Faith and Truth in these days of spiritual decline.


(2)  As Christians we have been called and are loved by God the Father and we are not only to rejoice in the Faith and Truth and enjoy the blessings of the gospel, not only to spread the good news so that others may be saved, but we are to contend for it and defend it 뿡뿡이 다운로드. This points to the fact that Faith and Truth in God is being attacked. In the days of Jude wolves had come into the fold in sheep’s clothing (Acts 20:29), so as today, we should be concerned about the forces inside the Church (2 Corin Windows Language Pack. 11:15).


(3) We are to defend the whole body of the revealed Faith and Truth contained in the Word of God. The Word is divine in its origin – 2 Tim 태극팬더 다운로드. 3:16; 2 pet. 1:21, it is unique in its content, perfect revelation of God – Heb. 1:1-3; it is complete in its revelation of His Truth; it is holy in its nature (verse 20), it was given by a holy God through the agency of the Holy Spirit, through holy men and called the Holy Bible and for the purpose of producing holy living and leading men to the holy City – Rev 리눅스 와인 다운로드. 21:10


(4)  Jude mentions most of the fundamental Truths and Faith which we are to defend: God is the Father of all who believe V.1; The glorious Person of our Lord Jesus Christ V.4; the doctrine of the grace of God V.4; the total depravity of man V.7; the Person of the Holy Spirit V.19; the existence of the devil V.9; the fact of judgement and hell V.6,7,13; the power of God – V.25.


(5)  Because the Truth and Faith are being attacked and denied, not only by outsiders but by men inside the Church, schools, governments, false teachers and prophets, media etc. we must defend  and stand up for the Truth and Faith. Do not be silent and allow anybody rob you of the precious Truth and Faith entrusted to you by God.


(6)  How are we to defend the Truth and Faith? We must defend it earnestly (verse 3), there must be an action: (a) By living it and there is no greater defense of the Truth and Faith than a life that proves the reality of Christ-likeness. (b) By proclaiming it, preach the gospel. (c) By suffering for it, rather than allowing the Truth and Faith to suffer, we must be willing to suffer. Our forefathers died for the Truth and Faith, may God give us the grace to follow their fine example to stand up for the Truth and Faith at all cost. (Acts 7:54-60)