Do Whatever He Tells You – John 2:5

Do Whatever He Tells You – John 2:5

Bible Text: John 2:1-11 |

Major Points:


(1) In John 2:5 we have the golden rule for a happy and useful Christian life 유플러스 스토어 다운로드. Do you want to know His joy, peace and blessing upon your life? Do you want your life to be well pleasing to Him in all things? Do you want your prayers to be answered 악인 전 다운로드? Are you seeking fresh and enlarged fields of blessing and anointing and guidance in your life? Then do whatever He says. If we can live in obedience to this golden rule we shall always be filled with the glory of His presence, power and blessings java 대용량 엑셀 다운로드.


(2) Because Jesus was, and is, unique, and the Son of God, consider the fact that He does speak to us today just as He did in the olden days jdom jar 다운로드. But how does He speak? He speaks with authority and if we know Him as Lord, why do we question what He says? (Luke 6:46). He also speaks to us personally, “whatever He tells YOU to do” and comprehensively, WHATEVER, in fact there is no detail connected with our lives about which He does not speak to us youtube overseas. He also speaks to us through others, note the wise and helpful counsel of other Christians, friends and family members (Galatians 1:16)


(3) God speaks to us through the daily happenings and circumstances of our lives – by closing one door and opening another (Rev 빨간 전화 다운로드. 3:8). He speaks through what we read, hear, see – and if we are LISTENING we will not fail to hear His voice. Supremely, the Lord speaks to us through His Word (the Bible) and anything which we feel to be His voice to us which is contrary to His Word is certainly not His voice Centos ntp. (John 6:63). God speaks to us by the HOLY SPIRIT – study the Book of Acts of Apostles.

(4) Consider the fact that  all the Lord  says to us has three-fold relationship 뇌 새김 토크 다운로드. in that it touches God, it is for His GLORY; in that it touches me, it is for my GOOD (Deut. 10:12-13 and 1 John 5:3); and in that it touches others, it is for their GOOD kubectl. When the Lord Jesus said , “fill…draw….take…” verses 7 to 8, it was for the good of everybody else concerned. Everybody at the feast benefited from the miracle openload video. It was for His glory and for our good and for the good of everybody whom we touch.

(5) We should respond to what he says with PROMPT obedience, the servants at the feast did not delay. We should also respond with COMPLETE obedience. The servants filled the pots to the brim (Verse 7), there is a danger of rendering to the Lord only partial obedience, but His demand is that we obey Him fully. We should also respond with UNQUESTIONING obedience. Let us always obey Him without questioning or dispute.