Experiencing God’s Perfect Peace

Experiencing God’s Perfect Peace

Bible Text: Isaiah 26:3-9 |

Major Points:


(1) You will keep him in perfect peace. Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You” This wonderful promise was given in the darkest period of Israel’s history, so it may well prove to be a special help to us today, when we are surrounded by much troubles, depression, disappointments, and disregard for things of God and constantly threatened with enemies of doubt, fear and worry ebs mock test. However, there is no promise in the Bible which encourages us to believe that we shall experience freedom from troubles.


(2) God has made a promise of peace to his children in the mist of troubles, in the mist of the fiercest battle, while the storm is at its height, the trusting soul may experience inward peace, a deep down calm and a quite confidence in God Terminator 1. Perfect peace is a condition of freedom from disturbance within the soul. Shalom, spiritually healthy and free from all discord within the soul. There can be no room for jealousy, envy, discontent, uncontrolled temper, selfishness, pride in the soul which is filled with peace of God this video.


(3) The key element in true lasting peace is the presence of God. Christ the Prince of Peace is our peace. His presence is the presence of peace within (Eph 더 서클 다운로드. 2:14) and so Jesus declares, “In Me you may have peace” (John 16:33) This peace is an inner sense of contentment and quietness, regardless of life’s circumstances, it is the presence of joy in the mist of unhappiness 레이맨 포에버 다운로드.


(4) A person who has genuine , godly peace can endure any hardship and difficulty and still enjoy an inner peace that surpasses all human understanding because it does not come from pleasant circumstances, nice events, or good things and feelings Exclusion zone. His peace is complete, and sufficient for anything you face, just FOCUS on Him, because if you concentrate on your problem it will grow bigger. TRUST him as his timing and purposes are perfect, in fact, He uses your tribulations to reveal more of Himself to you 김용임 메들리 mp3 다운로드.


(5) Psalm 119:165 emphasizes that those who love God’s Word have great peace. His perfect peace come to us by Christ (Colossians 1:20); by the Holy Spirit; by our obedience  to Him (Leviticus 26:3-6) 코치카터 다운로드. Our perfect peace is the Lord himself within us. God’s Word is full of rock-solid promises, many of which involve granting you peace and know that He will always honor them fmrte.