Guiding Principles for Knowing God’s Will

Guiding Principles for Knowing God’s Will

Bible Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:14-24 |

Major Points:


(1) In order to do God’s will we must know His will and to have real satisfaction, rest, and contentment in the Christian life, we must have a perfect knowledge of God’s will concerning us 데브 c++ 다운로드. The soul that loves God can not be satisfied with anything less than knowing God’s will. How do you pick who to marry or if you should choose a new job 나노캐드 다운로드.


(2) If you have a relationship with God, you probably want to know what God thinks about your decisions, just like what Israel did in the days of Moses (Exodus 18:15) 한컴 2010 다운로드. There should always be a clear and definite understanding between God and His children and we can talk to God and God to us.(John 10:14) You need not spend one day without knowing you are in His order (Eph please u. 5:17)


(3) Let the following principles guide you as you seek God’s will in any situation: (a) Surrender your attitude and personal desires Sketchup Pro 2017. Think through why you would want to make certain choice, are your desires in alignment with God’s desires? nine-tenths of the difficulties are overcome when our hearts are ready to do the Lord’s will, whatever it may be ebs 반디 다운로드. (b) Meditate on God’s Word. When you make a decision it should line up with what God has already said.

(4) (c) Spend focused time in prayer Epic High Umbrella. (Philippians 4:6) As you ask God what to do, write down the sense of direction you get from Him over time. (d) Seek other peoples opinions – find mature, dedicated Christians and ask them what they think you should do 안드로이드 전화 다운로드. The opinions you receive may conflict, but they should give you another perspective to think about. Remember, you are still responsible for the decision you make mastercam 다운로드. Seeking advice is wise, but do not let someone  make your decision for you. (Prov. 11:14)

(5) (e) Consider your circumstances – God can open and close opportunities Zen7. God and not circumstances should guide your decisions-making. But God may use events in your life to point you in a certain direction. Always remember that God is still in control and nothing you decide will surprise Him (Prov. 16:9) Your decisions matter to God, but He is still in control.