“Happy Mother’s Day” Mothers Brought their Children to Jesus

“Happy Mother’s Day” Mothers Brought their Children to Jesus

Major Points:


(1) Mother’s Day marks an important holiday to honor the woman who raised you, consider the love of a mother – John 15:13 신황제의딸 다운로드. In Mark 10:13-16 we notice that mothers brought their children to the Lord, but whoever brought them saw the Savior gladly receive them, take them into His arms and bless them Sesse download. This incident is recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke and indicates that the Holy Spirit wants us to notice that in the days of His flesh the Lord Jesus welcomed and blessed the little ones who were brought to Him periodic table. This teaches us the privilege and responsibility of bringing children to Christ and the danger of hindering them from coming to Him.


(2) Every child needs to be brought to the One who died for them and waits to save them – danger of hindering – Mk 당백호점추향 다운로드. 10:13; Matt. 18:6 Who are to bring them? mothers; grandmothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, Sunday School Teachers, those who nurse children or people who cared  and were concerned for their eternal salvation Free English resume form. All of us are to bring the little ones to Jesus. For we are all in touch with some children whom we can bring to Him for blessings and salvation.


(3) How can we bring the little ones to Jesus? A. We must bring them in faith and wherever we gather together in his Name – Matt. 18:20; B. In our prayers and no prayer is more powerful than that of a parent, pray for the children in your care. Bring them to the Lord in your family devotions by giving them Christian teachings, share with them the Word of God and put the right books and literature into their hands. (Deut. 6:6-7). C. We can also bring them by special acts of dedication, Hannah and Mary brought their children to the temple to dedicate them to the God: 1 Sam. 1:24; Luke 2:22


(4) But the most important of all is the Christian testimony that we carry in our lives in front of them. Children can tell immediately what is real and precious to us and what is unreal or hypocritical about our words and attitudes! May our lives and words serve to bring them to the Lord Jesus Christ for His blessings and salvation.


(5) When are to we to bring them? In Luke 18:15 we are told that Jesus took them into His arms, suggesting that they were very small – babies. It is never too early to bring the little ones to Jesus. The Jewish rite of circumcision was on the eighth day, it was their way of bringing them to God in faith and obedience. We do not know how early in life a little child can understand the significance of the Savior’s love and care, which is why Jesus said ” Let the little children come to Me, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these” -Mark 10:14. Bring them as early as possible and we can never be too early.

(6) Why are we to bring the little ones to Jesus? Because He loves them; He wants to welcome them; He died for them – Acts 2:39; There is a place in the Kingdom of God for them; They need Him so much – Psalm 51:5; Matt. 18:14; the little ones are in danger and they need the savior – Prov. 22:6 – for these reasons let us do our best to bring children to Him before it is too late. And when we do so it will be just as it was all those years ago when He took them up in His arms, put His hands upon them and blessed them.