Have I Not Sent You? – Judges 6:14

Have I Not Sent You? – Judges 6:14

Bible Text: Judges 6:1-16 |

Major Points:


(1) God loves to use people the world might overlook, maybe, raised in tiny village, have little formal education, limited success in chosen trade, or live in poverty Switch firmware download. But God can raise them and give them passion and they do exploits for Him. When God calls us to a task, He also gives us strength to accomplish it regardless of our limitations movie. God used Gideon to set His people free, but the key to Gideon’s success was in the words, “the Lord is with you” (v. 12). As we humbly walk with our Savior and rely on His strength, He will empower us to accomplish what is only possible through Him Kim Sang-min's Receipt podcast.


(2) What is God calling you to do that you cannot do in your own strength? Who was Gideon? The Midianites were descended from “Midian”, one of the several children born to Abraham and Keturah (Genesis 25:1-6) 색칠 공부 도안 다운로드. They provided opposition, resented, scourged, and afflicted the Israelites as they journeyed toward the Promised Land. So the Midiantes were half-brothers of the Hebrews and God used them to punish the Hebrews 멜론 2018년 7월 3주차 top100 다운로드.


(3)The children of Israel seemed to never learn, they reach out to God when they are in trouble but as soon as their trouble is over, they return to the worship of the false gods of the people around them staff pad 다운로드. The seven years they spent in the hands of Midian was a chastisement from God. Israel’s sin was renewed, and Israel’s troubles were repeated hwinfo64 다운로드. As a result, they were hiding from the Midianites in caves (V.2). They destroyed Israel’s crops every time they planted, took their animals, tried to starve Israel out, they came to destroy and that is just what they did 무료 서적 다운로드.


(4) And the children of Israel cried unto the Lord, which they should have done at first, instead of going into dens and caves. However, better late than not at all, they cried not to the idols they have served, being sensible they could not help them, the only time they cry out to God, is when they are in trouble sans serif font. Now that they are out of food and cannot help themselves, they call out for help unto God.
(5) But because of the compassion and goodness of God, He sends a prophet, and he brings a message by reminding them that it was God who brought them out of bondage in Egypt, He fought their their enemies and brought them to their land of promise 서울 서체 다운로드. The Lord has kept covenant with them but they were unfaithful to Him and have not kept His laws and commandments, but they were not to fear (v. 10), their disobedience to God has gotten them in the place they are in.

(6) God calls those who are least likely to expect it, generally not trained in the job God has for them to do. Gideon raised wheat and hid it from the Midianites but look at his accomplishments: He destroyed his father’s alter to Baal v.25; and erected an alter to the Lord v. 27-28; then at the command of the Lord, he reduced his army from 32,000 to 300 men to face 135,000 Midianites. God gave victory to Gideon and His dedicated men. After the victory, Gideon was invited to become king, but he declined (8:22-23); After Gideon retired to his home (8:28) Israel was blessed with 40 years of peace. Gideon saw himself as a farmer of wheat, he saw what he was now  but God saw his potential for what He wanted him to be.