Remember the Abundant Grace of God

Remember the Abundant Grace of God

Bible Text: Titus 3:1-7 |

Major Points:


(1) As God is righteous not to forget our good works in love, (Hebrews 6:10) then it is unrighteous for us to forget our blessings from God and those who have loved, helped, cared, advanced, and blessed us process monitor 다운로드. Gratitude leads to longevity and God has no regard for material things, look at His value for money – streets of gold in heaven and success and power all have expiring dates just be wise, sober, vigilant, thankful, and grateful Windows 10 desktop download.


(2) It is easy to forget where you came from but don’t. I am not talking about your neighborhood or city but the rebellious state you were in before you were in Christ Free web download. The only thing you have to forget is your past (Phil. 3:13-14, and God says He will remember your sins no more -Heb. 10:17). I understand not surrounding yourself with past temptations and sins, but I am advocating for us to reflect on the good work God has done Rosetta Stone Korean.


(3) Be thankful for God daily being gracious to you. All of us have our stories, some might feel their testimony is not as scandalous as others, but that is your story 철권태그 2 다운로드. We are all just as broken and depraved as our neighbours and members of our church and family members (Luke 17:17) Be gratitude in all things.

(4) We didn’t deserve the grace of the cross but God was rich in His grace nwc program. Sometimes we forget how desperate we are for this grace. When we realize God’s faithfulness in sparing us from self-destruction, we see His marvelous grace xamarin 다운로드. This then changes our complex when we share our testimonies with other people. When we talk about our prior bondage, we are quick to reflect on God being rich in His mercy Download Chungbuk Communication Messenger. (Rom. 5:8)

(5) Remember we will never grow out of needing God’s grace, especially, when we consider “but God”, we have nothing to boast about ms-dos 6.22. We love grace when we are reflecting on our own hearts, but we fail to apply this theology to the personal relationships around us. We are all inadequate without the finished work of the cross OneLand 8.7. Let us not forget that. Grace is glorious because we don’t deserve it, but God is glorified through it.