“Renewed Strength”

“Renewed Strength”

Major Points:


(1)  Isaiah 40:25-31 touches the very core of Christian experience and if we are honest before God and with ourselves, we must admit that we fail very much in our Christian living and service 무전기 효과음 다운로드. The Word of God convinces us of our failure, we faint and weak -v29; we are weary and fall -v30. This is God’s description of the weakness that is so often found in the lives of His children poi-ooxml 다운로드.


(2) Our eyes, observation, tell us that there is much weakness in the church today and among God’s people, and the current and prevailing condition would seem to be one of failure xcode 11 beta 다운로드. Also, our own heart tells us that there is much failure because we faint, weary, weak, fall and so slow to learn the way of victory and power  (Prov 전화기 사진 다운로드. 14:10)


(3)  Yes, the primary cause of our failure is ignorance (Hosea 4:6; Matt.22:29; Isaiah 40:28-29) The Lord is our everlasting God, the Creator and He is offering to give us power and strength, He is the only One who can turn our failure into victory hub 다운로드. He places all His unlimited resources of strength and power at our disposal, but we must tap these resources.


(4) The 2nd cause of failure is to tap these resources, in verse 29, He gives and in response to His giving we must receive. How does God transfer His power to me? ver.31 “they that wait upon the Lord”. Does it mean to pray, worship, attend services and read the Bible? Yes, but not primarily or the most important thing to do. It means to keep silence before God, to wait is to be silent before Him (Is. 41:1; Psalm 62:1;Pro. 8:34) Waiting upon the Lord means to be cast upon Him in complete dependence and ready to hear His voice and do His will, having our whole expectation from Him. Having complete confidence and trust in the Lord.


(5) What is the result of such waiting? (a) We will have God’s strength in place of our weakness. Our greatest weakness is our own strength (physical, mental, moral and spiritual) so go to Him for exchange (2 Corin. 12:9) (b) We will enjoy life above the average, we will fly on the wings of eagle, the eagle is the only bird which flies so high that is is lost to sight – we belong to heaven. (c) We will do supernatural things, we will run and not grow weary. (d) We will live victoriously in the hardest place of all, we will walk and run and not faint. PRAY – I am a failure, I have no strength, no life but You are my life, strength and victory.