Shining as Lights in a Dark World

Shining as Lights in a Dark World

Major Points:

(1) It is important to notice that Christians are spoken of as children of God, v.15 and we must emphasize the fact that while all people everywhere are the children of God in a creative sense, only real Christians are His children in a redemptive sense (John 1:12-14) Download the cygwin file. The apostle Paul tells us that as sons of God we are to shine like stars in the dark world, just as the stars shine in the heavens so we, a heavenly people, are to shine for the Lord (Prov Win 10 language pack. 4:18) We are to shine as Moses, John the Baptist, Stephen and Jesus Himself.

(2) We are to shine in the universe and this refers to the inhabited world in which we live, but also to the world system – all that is opposed to Christ and that excludes him and which we are forbidden to love (1John 2:15-17) as Christians we are in the world, but we not to be of it – John 17:11,15 Yanko Great War bug edition. We are to shine in the crooked and depraved generation (Prov. 2:13-15). What a dreadful spiritual and moral darkness engulfs this generation, on every hand there is an appalling ignorance of God and spiritual things, (Gen cabarc. 6:6) Darkness everywhere: divorce, drinking, drug addiction, gambling, crime, sexual offences, corruption and homosexual. etc.

(4) There are 2 reasons that a light may not shine or ineffective (a) when the wick needs attention (b) it is obscured because the glass is smoky 예쁜 마우스 포인터 다운로드. How should we shine? Christians should live lives that are distinctive different from the rest of the society, by our words and our actions, by our lives, and we should be as unique and attractive as stars are against the night dark sky. If Christians live and speak for Jesus we will be distinctive and different to our surrounding society that is selfish and prizes personal ambition and achievement.

(5) We shine by not complaining and murmuring V.14 -1 Corin. 10:10); by not arguing V.14 – creating dissatisfaction by unwise gossip; by being blameless V.15- completely trustworthy (Dan. 6:4); by being pure V.15 – sincere (John 1:47; by being without fault V.15

(1 Corin.11:30-32); by holding out the word of life V.16 making known God. We are to shine that God the Father may be glorified and His Son Jesus magnified and that we may be light in the dark world and that sinners may be saved (Ezk. 33:8-9).