The Armor of God – praying in the Spirit

The Armor of God – praying in the Spirit

Major Points:

(1) Finally, Paul adds the power of prayer to the armor of God and every smart soldier knows they must keep the lines of communication open to their Commander, God has orders for us, through His Word and the promptings of the Holy Spirit ps4 Spider-Man. Satan hates it when we pray because he knows prayer strengthens un and keeps us alert to his deceptions, and we are to pray for others as well. With the armor of God and the gift of prayer, we can be ready for whatever the enemy throws at us word stationery.

(2) Praying in the Holy Spirit builds confidence that prayers are heard and answered and when we perform prayer right, it is performed in the Spirit, with the heart, soul and mind and without hypocrisy 고양이송 mp3 다운로드. Praying in the Spirit is most of the time NOT speaking in tongues

(1 Corin. 14:15 and Jude 20), it is praying according to the Spirit’s leading – Rom 8:26 마르미 3 다운로드. how are to pray with all kinds of prayers and requests and pray for the saints? If no one including the person praying, understands what is being said Download clipping points? (1 Corin. 14:2). Therefore, praying in the Spirit should be understood as praying in the power of the Spirit, by leading of the Spirit and according to His will.

(3) God expects every Christian on earth to pray in this way and such prayer is linked both to our own spiritual growth and to our success in spiritual warfare. Sometimes we have so much to say to God, that we tell Him everything that is on our minds, saying prayers but our heart is not in it, we are cold, no faith, no energy, this is not praying in the Spirit. Prayer changes things.

(4) Praying in the Spirit is approaching God as a repentant sinner in Christ, loved by God, praying in accordance with His Holy Word, giving importance to the themes contained in the Lord’s Prayer, it is from the heart with faith and it is said in the name of Jesus. Take your time, confess every known sin, reflect on what it means to have God as our Father in heaven, express the desire to see Him glorified and to see His kingdom spread. We submit ourselves to His will and we commit to Him our physical needs.

(5) Praying in the Spirit, the Lord comes to meet us (Luke 11:9-13) here is the key difference: in the flesh we are pushing the prayers forward while in the Spirit we feel caught up in the way the Spirit carries the prayer forward to the Father in the name of Jesus. we realize that we are in God’s presence speaking to God. Praying is like riding a bicycle – downward (Spirit) and upward (flesh)

(6) Do not demand but let your requests be made known, let them come from your heart and God will understand. Never put yourself into the position of saying “if we do this, then that must happen or if you do not do this then I will do that” God is a sovereign Lord and certain things are beyond our understanding. Never forget or neglect prayer, it is the gateway into the supernatural and it is a privilege.