The Armor of God – Sword of the Spirit

The Armor of God – Sword of the Spirit

Major Points:

(1) The sword of the Spirit is the only offensive weapon in the armor of God with which we can strike against Satan and this weapon represents the Word of God, the Bible 영어 탈피 mp3 다운로드. (Heb. 4:12; Matt. 4:4) When Jesus was tempted in the desert by Satan, He countered with the truth of Scripture, setting an example for us to follow, “it is written” Flash ost. Satan’s tactics have not changed, so the sword of the Spirit is still our best defense.

(2) The armor of God in the Bible is an outfit for spiritual protection against the schemes of the devil Download the Deville Jewelry Bug Edition. Every piece of the armor is defensive, except the sword of the Spirit and the defensive pieces help us block the blows of Satan. We have only one offensive piece of armor, instead of defensive, the sword of the Spirit, or the Word of God – Bible Kingsman for free. All the pieces of the armor come from God but this piece in particular is God Himself, the Holy Spirit. When we enter battle, we arm ourselves with the Truth of God, refusing to compromise to the world’s standards Download camera 360.

(3) The sword of the Spirit belongs to the Holy Spirit and the Spirit supplies us with this sword through the Word. How do we use the sword of the Spirit? When we use the Word of God properly, we spread the gospel, be prepared for any questions or doubts that may arise regarding Scripture and we defeat the devil by quoting what is written. Read the Sword in context not out of context, Phi. 4:13 eg.

(4) We must learn as much as we can about the sword and how do we do this? Study the Sword daily, read commentaries; hear sermons preached on the Word and if we do this we will gain an understanding of the Word of God, and help educate its meaning to seekers and those who wish to understand. (Psalm 18:30) By spending time with God in His Word, we learn more about Him and grow closer in relationship with Him and know what the Word can do – Rev.19:15.

(5) Jesus says a lot about the Word of God, He uses God’s Word as a defense against devil’s temptations (Matt.4:1-11) He frequently quoted the Old Testament in His sermons. In other words, God’s Word is unchanging, timeless and fixed and can not be altered. He says Scripture bears witness about Him (John 5:39) He places a large importance on it, as Scripture speaks truth – John 17:17; Heb. 4:12. the Word of God has the ability to penetrate stubborn human heart to open their eyes to the truth of God and to give them opportunity to accept the gift of salvation from Jesus.

(6) When we are discouraged, tempted to lust, faced with offensive and harmful people, or when your priorities are shifting toward worldly things, you need the sword of the Spirit to destroy any intent of the enemy. It is the Word that will render the enemy ineffective and defeated just as Jesus silenced Satan with the Word of God in the desert. Whatever demon, evil, temptation you may face use the Word to bring your victory.. The armor is a picture of Christ Himself,  put on our Lord Jesus Christ.