The Secret of Contentment part 3

The Secret of Contentment part 3

Bible Text: Matthew 6:19-21; 33;1 Corinthians 15:10 |

Major Points:


(1) If you live for yourself and your own pleasure, you will not know God’s contentment iPad file. But if you follow Paul in living to serve the Savior, you will be content, whether you have little or much. Part of seeking first God’s kingdom means serving Him with your money and possession, which are not really yours, but His, entrusted to you to manage ie 한글 파일 다운로드. We mistakenly think that we will be content when we accumulate enough money.


(2) Where your treasure is, your heart will be – Matthew 6:21 Pacheon Sun Sword. If your treasure is in the world’ your heart will be in this world and if your treasure is in the kingdom of God, your heart will be there. Contentment comes from focusing on the Lord as the Sufficient One whom I must trust show file. Paul says that he had learned the secret of of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. – Philippians 4:12. that secret is stated in Verse 13 – “I can do all things in him who continually infuses me with strength Nero BurningRom.


(3) Notice that there is a need to learn not only how to get along in time, He will give you the powers of need, but also how to live with abundance multiple files for Android. In times of need, we are tempted to get your eyes off the Lord and grow worried. That is when we need a trusting heart. In times of abundance, we are tempted to forget our need for the Lord and trust in our supplies rather than in Him line works 다운로드. That is when we need a thankful heart that acknowledges gratitude for His provisions.

(4) Paul said that he can do everything that God has called him to do in his service for His kingdom 첫사랑입니다만 다운로드. He can obey God, he can live in holiness in thought, word, and deed. He can ask for the provisions needed to carry out the work and expect God to answer 클립 스튜디오 다운로드. If God has called you to get up in public and speak, He will give you the power to do it. If He has called you to serve behind the scenes, He will equip you with the endurance you need – 1 Peter 4:11 Kyung Hee University.

(5) Know the balance between God’s part and our part. Some Christians put too much emphasis on I can do all things, on the human responsibility. You end up burning out, because i ca not do all things in mu own strength. Other put too much emphasis on “through Him who strengthens me”. these people sit around passively not doing anything, because they do not want to be accused of acting in the flesh. The correct Biblical balance  is that “I do it, but I do it by constant dependence on the power of Christ who indwells me. – 1 Corinthians 15:10. Paul is saying that because of his living relationship with all sufficient Christ, he can do whatever the Lord calls him to do for His kingdom. Finally, the secret of contentment is to be captivated by Christ’s love.