Trusting God in Dark Times

Trusting God in Dark Times

Bible Text: Mark 8:31-38 |


Major Points:


(1) Is God limited in any way? Are there some things God can’t do Kamas? i sometimes wonder about this, because if God is all-powerful, then why doesn’t He stop all the evil things that go on in the world, families, churches, Christians, etc Unity3d? Honestly, I do not have a full answer, but some day in heaven, we will understand, and until then, we can only trust in His goodness, wisdom and sovereignty 장난스런 키스 다운로드. (Deuteronomy 29:29; Romans 11:33)


(2) Our Lord Jesus Christ’s suffering and death were inevitable because they were divinely ordained 유튜브 비공개영상 다운로드. (Acts 2:22-23) His rejection by the Jewish leaders, Elders, Chief Priests, Scribes were all preordained by God the Father (Isaiah 53:3; Matt. 21:42) Even Jesus Himself predicted his death and always mentioned His resurrection (Mark 9:21; 10:34) Download the Billy Elliot musical. The disciples in their darkest times could not comprehend a dying Messiah that was why Peter in a startling turnaround who had just been praised for being God’s spokesman (Matthew 16:17-19) was then condemned as Satan’s mouthpiece tubemate pc. Yet, his sacrificial death was God’s plan.


(3) In Mark 8:34, followers of Christ are encouraged to put off the desires of our flesh and take on the will of God in our lives and there is also a cross to bear 캐리비안베이 블랙펄의 저주 다운로드. If we are to follow Jesus, we too must crucify our flesh and live new lives of the spirit. remember that those who pursue a life of ease, comfort and acceptance by the world will not find eternal life (Mark 8:35)


(4) As Jesus ‘ body lay in a tomb, so did the disciples’ hopes and dreams 킹오브98um 다운로드. They had left everything to follow  the one they believed was the Messiah, and now He was dead, darkest time. Fear, doubt, and grief might have over powered them 아이클라우드 사진 보관함 다운로드. Jesus often called the disciples “the men of little faith” because they failed to believe or remember what the Lord had said of Himself. So in their darkest time of their grief, all His promises of God were forgotten python url.


(5) At times in our lives, it may seem that  God has let us down, but ultimately we know that He will never forsake us (Heb. 13:5). But like the disciples, we will experience dark circumstances, which can dim our faith and dash our hopes and that is when we most need to remember God’s promises and meditate on His faithfulness. Trust God at all times and wait for Him to act and your sorrow will be turned to joy just as what happened to the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection.